Get extra cash in your pocket through the Home Buyer Cash Rewards program! 

Here's how you can make extra cash with "Home Buyer Cash Rewards".

If you bring us information on any house that you find, we will pay you $500.00 for each house that we buy and settle on. That's right, WE PAY YOU!

It doesn't matter what condition the house is in, where it's located or how much it costs, we work with houses in any condition, location or price range. If you tell us about a house that we don't already know about and we buy it and settle, you get paid. It's that simple!

Submit a Lead Online Now. 

 Home Buyer Cash Rewards Referral form download

(Please register first and get confirmation.) Your Home Buyer Cash Rewards member Registration

It's an easy, 4-step process:

1. Register with Your Home Buyer Cash Rewards 

Register by completing and submitting the Home Buyer Cash Rewards Registration form. You may download and/or print the Registration form and mail or fax it back to us. If you like, we'll mail or fax a registration form to you, download it from the link above.

2. Find Leads

Once you've received confirmation that you are a registered "Your Home Buyer Cash Rewards member", just look for houses that are for sale by owner (private sale), for rent by owner, vacant or that look run-down. Keep a notebook or piece of paper with you, and whenever you are driving, riding or walking around and see a house that fits into one of these categories, or if you hear that someone is selling a house on their own (without a real estate agent), write down the address, the person's name and contact information. (We can even work with just the address, if necessary.)

3. Send the Leads to Us 

Once your registration has been confirmed, you may send us information about houses online, via email to, or download/print a Cash Rewards Referral form and send the completed form by email, fax or mail. 

To download the Referral form, click here.

4. We will check our records to see if we already have the house(s) in our database. 

If we don't have it, we will send you a Lead Confirmation stating that we have added the house to our system, and we will begin the process of locating and contacting the owner to try and buy the property.(If we already have information on the house, we will tell you that too.) If we are successful in purchasing the house and settle, we will pay you $500.00.

Get the Cash!

Within one week of settling on a home purchase, we will mail your cheque to the address shown on your registration form. (Please be sure to tell us if you move.) 

How do you know that we will pay?

As real estate investors, we need to buy houses, and every deal we make is valuable to us. We want to make sure that you keep giving us information on houses, so you can be assured that we will pay. We want and need your help so if we don't pay you, you won't help us. We stand by our word.

If you prefer, once you find a house, just tell us the street name and city where the property is located. We will check our database, and if we have a home listed on that street, we will tell you the address. If we don't have the home that you found, we will add it and start working on the lead straight away.

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